Twitter’s Fallen Star

On Tuesday Twitter announced that they are changing their star icon into a heart and twitter users will now be able to “like” instead of “favorite” tweets. This change was made to create a more intuitive user experience similar to other social media sites. typingTwitter implemented hearts to track consumer interaction when they launched Periscope and now they are bringing them to Twitter and Vine to connect the three sites.

In Twitter’s announcement, they mention how using hearts brings emotion to the twitter world. Favoriting a tweet was always an arbitrary action that often confused newcomers. There was no concept of what favoriting really meant and why a star was relevant to that action. However, hearts are an internationally recognized symbol that are associated to things users like or even love thanks to other similar social sites. This may provoke a little more thought when users decide if they actually want to express that they like something via Twitter. The heart may prove to hold a little more weight than the fallen star used to, which may negatively effect user engagement.

What do you think of the new Twitter change? Do you “like” it?


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