Remember Hanson?


In the 90’s a beautiful band of brothers emerged during the golden age of boy bands. Hanson is a band of three talented brothers named, Isaac, Taylor and Zac from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band was formed in 1992 when the youngest of the three brothers, Zac was just 7 years old. The brothers decided to make a band to test out their musical talents and to just have fun. Little did they know they would be picked up by a major record label and that they would sell 10 million copies of their first album, Middle of Nowhere. The success of the album would change the three young boys’ lives forever.

Their success was due to their ridiculously catchy chart-toping track, “MMMbop”. Almost every preteen in 1997 knew “MMMbop” by heart and more than likely owned the Middle of Nowhere CD and played it non-stop in their portable CD players. Hanson and their catchy tune caused a craze that spread across the globe and in 1998 they were nominated for three Grammys. They were on top of the world and on the minds of 99.9% of 90’s kids.

Unfortunately, they were never able to top their “MMMbop” success. They released a few more albums and went on countless tours, but fell under the radar. The brothers went on to live fairly average lives and all are now married with children. However, their recent venture has tossed them into the public eye once again.



The three brothers have been exercising another one of their talents, this time brewing beer. In 2013, Isaac, Taylor, Zac and a few close friends started a craft beer brewery with a signature flagship beer that has a punny and familiar name. The beer is named, “MMMhops”(I know it’scart every pun and beer lover’s dream!) and according to their website it is a, “full-bodied delicious Pale Ale, with a unique toasted malt signature and a refreshing hoppy finish”.

With every bottle sold they are giving away a free song and 10% of the proceeds support drilling clean water wells in Africa through their non-profit, Take The Walk. The beer can currently be purchased on tap and in bottles in 4 states or in 6-packs online for $10.99 plus shipping at The Wine and Cheese Place. However, they are currently out of stock online until December 10th :/. To find out where you can get your hands on the boy band beer go to their website and see which bars and stores sell it.

Creating this beer company is a great entrepreneurial move since the men already have a huge lingering fan base. This beer came out just in time for Hanson’s youngest fans to be of legal age to drink it (ME!). So, on December 10th, I’m ordering myself a six pack just so I have an excuse to break out my Hanson CD and boombox from my parents’ basement. I’ll be “MMMbop”ing with my “MMMhops” and I will be extremely satisfied. Cheers!


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