Coachella in VR?

YouTube launched 360° live video streaming at Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival this past weekend which provides a whole new way to experience the festival. It allows people that can not attend the event to experience the music and art at 360 degrees and in real-time!

The massive music and art festival could take this immersive experience to the next level with VR! Virtual Reality is becoming more accessible and functional with companies like Facebook launching more affordable VR camera models and social VR tools, and Google creating low-cost headsets that are powered by mobile devices. Next year, Coachella could take advantage of this growing technology to provide an even more immersive experience for people that can’t attend the event. This creates a huge profit opportunity within an audience that has yet to be tapped into.

We’ll see if Coachella jumps on VR before another festival realizes its potential.


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