During my time at Champlain College, I’ve been involved in many marketing projects and campaigns for various clients. Since graduating, I’ve worked for a photography Gallery creating content and managing SEM, SEO, social advertising, and the gallery website. I’ve gathered a few pieces work that I’ve created for these opportunities.


WireWax Market Research

January-April 2014

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Wirewax is an interactive video generator that tags items within a video file and redirects customers to an e-commerce platform. I conducted research and various focus groups to assist WireWax in identifying their target market and improving customer awareness and understanding of their product.

Internship at Gardener’s Supply Company

January-April 2014

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Blog Posts I created:





Marketing Plan for Studio Cacao Chocolates (Now Bijou Fine Chocolates)

September 2014-December 2014

Worked in a team to develop a marketing plan that included digital marketing recommendations for a local chocolate company, Studio Cacao (now Bijou). We incorporated the aspects of a standard marketing plan that analyzed the company’s current marketing status. We then made recommendations for them to implement that will greatly improve their digital marketing presence.

It Takes One Social Media Campaign

March 2015-Present

During my semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland I took a Social Non-Profit Marketing course. It was interesting to explore the non-profit and social service part of marketing that I had yet to experience. The course focused on a final project that challenged me and the small group I worked with to create a campaign that encompasses everything we had learned about non-profit marketing. Our campaign is focused on encouraging female identifying students to empower themselves through sharing experiences where they felt empowered. We shared these experiences on the campaign’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages using the hashtag #justonetriumph. Through students sharing their stories we were able to create positive conversations about how everyone can start to help female-identifying students have more confidence in themselves and their abilities!

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Champlain College Analytics Project

Champlain College’s marketing department asked my group to analyze their desktop and mobile google analytics to see how they could improve the user experience for traditional/non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students. We also looked at how well they are reaching these audiences with their mobile site and what they need to improve to better reach them.

Champlain College Digital Metrics & Analytics Recommendations

Parent Co. and Notabli Analytics Project

Parent Co. is a parenting website for the modern parent. Notabli is an app for parents to securely share pictures of their children that is owned by Parent Co. We worked with both to help them find ways to increase app downloads and to decrease drop off rates on the Parent Co. website. We were able to immerse ourselves in their Google Analytics and analyze screenshots of their Intercom analytics to determine where their problem areas were and how to fix them. This was a project for my Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics course.

Vine to Wine Concierge 

Vine to Wine Concierge is a wine tourism website focused on developing expert travel itineraries for individuals wanting to experience new adventures and new wine. I worked with the founder Rod Shedd to design a new website using WordPress.org. I also developed a marketing plan with recommendations for his website and potential future marketing campaigns. I also adjusted his SEO strategy by creating, editing, and redesigning content for the new website. I used HTML to supplement where WordPress widgets and plugins had limitations. From there, I worked with a few classmates to help Rod implement Google Analytics and set up a Google AdWords account. We even A/B tested a few search and display ad campaigns. We also collected an email list via a coded call to action on the new website. Once we gathered the list, we developed and sent an email advertising campaign to announce the new website and what potential leads can look forward to from Vine to Wine Concierge.


PhotoPlace Gallery

PhotoPlace Gallery is a photography gallery that runs monthly juried exhibits in the physical gallery and on PhotoPlace’s website. During my time at the gallery, I managed social media content creation and scheduling via Hootsuite.com. hootsuite.pngI also created and managed SEM and social advertising campaigns for each gallery exhibit via Google AdWords and Facebook Ad Manager. I managed the gallery’s Google Analytics account and used it in conjunction with Google AdWords to track and find the ROI of all paid advertising efforts. I reported this to the Gallery Director so that he could adjust the paid advertising budget accordingly.

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