Professional Values Statement

In the past 50 years, marketing has evolved drastically with the introduction of new technology and a shift in the way marketers understand consumers.

Today marketers have access to incredible technology to better target consumers. There has also been a shift in what marketing means to the world. It’s more than just advertising and sales. It’s about really understanding consumers’ wants and needs and connecting them with a suitable product or service.

As technology continues to evolve, I am excited about where marketing is headed. Marketers have so much information to work with thanks to analytic technology and information that is voluntarily provided by consumers. This information has allowed marketers to understand not only who their target is, but what they do, why they do it and how they do it. It’s a whole new level of understanding that is barely being tapped into. I love cracking the consumer code and getting to know them as not only consumers but people.

Now, I am thrilled to see marketing evolve even further with the introduction of future technology. Technology evolves rapidly and it’s our job as marketers to not only keep up but to stay a step ahead of it. This is a hard task, but it is crucial to stay in tune to consumer wants and needs. This is the key to evolving with the marketing industry through the next 50 years.

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