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Coachella in VR?

YouTube launched 360° live video streaming at Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival this past weekend which provides a whole new way to experience the festival. It allows people that can not attend the event to experience the music and art at 360 degrees and in real-time!

The massive music and art festival could take this immersive experience to the next level with VR! Virtual Reality is becoming more accessible and functional with companies like Facebook launching more affordable VR camera models and social VR tools, and Google creating low-cost headsets that are powered by mobile devices. Next year, Coachella could take advantage of this growing technology to provide an even more immersive experience for people that can’t attend the event. This creates a huge profit opportunity within an audience that has yet to be tapped into.

We’ll see if Coachella jumps on VR before another festival realizes its potential.


To Ease the Mind of a Senior

what nowAs my last semester of college rapidly approaches I am hit with a mix of utter fear and immense uncertainty. Ever since I was in elementary school I’ve had the distant goal of graduating from college. That personal goal was manifested by my parents and instilled in me before I really understood what college was. It was always certain that I would earn a bachelor’s degree. I didn’t have a problem with that. Everyone I knew growing up that was “successful” (had new cars and a cool house) graduated college. However, neither of my parents earned a degree, and I never realized, because they were successful in my eyes. As a naive child, I only knew what they allowed me to see. We never went without, but we lived paycheck to paycheck and I never noticed. They wanted more for me and without being overbearing, they instilled a thirst for education and success.

Everything I’ve done in my life has led up to these next few months. Graduating college seemed decades away as a child, but it came really fast. It feels like I just graduated High School, but here I am sending in my application to graduation in May. In the past few years, I’ve planned out what I expect my life will look like after college.

I started looking at what cities have a good cost of living/salary ratio and what kind of climate I would be comfortable in. I looked on LinkedIn for jobs within digital marketing that I qualified for even if it was far too early to apply. I sought out apartments that would fit into my nonexistent price range and imagined living in them with my friends I planned on moving out west with. But as the months flew by and May 2016 became an actual date on the calendar, my plan began to change.

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Stu McGowan speak about his life and his view of success. He explained much like me, a lot of children are conditioned to view success as being educated and gaining financial stability. However, Stu taught me that this is just one form of success. There are many forms because success means something different to everyone. It is vital for people to find their’s and what motivates them towards that success. Stu made the point that for a lot of people money is their motivation to reach success, but when they reach their success, it is often 2-dimensional and unfulfilling.

Stu gave an example of his daughter having the opportunity to move to San Francisco where she would earn the most money as a marketing professional. Surprisingly, Stu’s daughter chose not to because she is not motivated by money, but instead she moved to Asia because adventure is her motivation. Hearing this story caused me to do some serious self-reflection because my plan was to move to San Francisco and get a job in marketing. It made me question my motivation.


Is my motivation money or do I just want to experience San Francisco? Am I limiting myself based on where the most money is? I never thought that I valued money very much and I definitely didn’t think that it was my motivation, but is it? I have always envisioned myself having a nice house, maybe a nice car and traveling a lot and those things do cost a lot of money. This made me ask myself if I actually want those things, and if I didn’t have them, would I be happy?

The answer is yes. I know that I can be happy even if I don’t end up driving a new luxury car or I don’t live in a large house. That means that money is not my motivator or what I’m passionate about. What is? I am passionate about understanding why people do the things they do through marketing. As long as I am following that passion, doing the things I love around the people that I love, I will be happy.

Now I am left to make some of the biggest decisions of my life. Where will I start my career? What will I be doing? Where will I be living?Who will I be living with? I don’t have answers to most of these questions, but that’s okay! I still have time and even if I still don’t know the answers on graduation day, it will be okay! Plans fall through and new one’s form, but as long as I am following what motivates me, my passion, I will be happy. 🙂


Remember Hanson?


In the 90’s a beautiful band of brothers emerged during the golden age of boy bands. Hanson is a band of three talented brothers named, Isaac, Taylor and Zac from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band was formed in 1992 when the youngest of the three brothers, Zac was just 7 years old. The brothers decided to make a band to test out their musical talents and to just have fun. Little did they know they would be picked up by a major record label and that they would sell 10 million copies of their first album, Middle of Nowhere. The success of the album would change the three young boys’ lives forever.

Their success was due to their ridiculously catchy chart-toping track, “MMMbop”. Almost every preteen in 1997 knew “MMMbop” by heart and more than likely owned the Middle of Nowhere CD and played it non-stop in their portable CD players. Hanson and their catchy tune caused a craze that spread across the globe and in 1998 they were nominated for three Grammys. They were on top of the world and on the minds of 99.9% of 90’s kids.

Unfortunately, they were never able to top their “MMMbop” success. They released a few more albums and went on countless tours, but fell under the radar. The brothers went on to live fairly average lives and all are now married with children. However, their recent venture has tossed them into the public eye once again.



The three brothers have been exercising another one of their talents, this time brewing beer. In 2013, Isaac, Taylor, Zac and a few close friends started a craft beer brewery with a signature flagship beer that has a punny and familiar name. The beer is named, “MMMhops”(I know it’scart every pun and beer lover’s dream!) and according to their website it is a, “full-bodied delicious Pale Ale, with a unique toasted malt signature and a refreshing hoppy finish”.

With every bottle sold they are giving away a free song and 10% of the proceeds support drilling clean water wells in Africa through their non-profit, Take The Walk. The beer can currently be purchased on tap and in bottles in 4 states or in 6-packs online for $10.99 plus shipping at The Wine and Cheese Place. However, they are currently out of stock online until December 10th :/. To find out where you can get your hands on the boy band beer go to their website and see which bars and stores sell it.

Creating this beer company is a great entrepreneurial move since the men already have a huge lingering fan base. This beer came out just in time for Hanson’s youngest fans to be of legal age to drink it (ME!). So, on December 10th, I’m ordering myself a six pack just so I have an excuse to break out my Hanson CD and boombox from my parents’ basement. I’ll be “MMMbop”ing with my “MMMhops” and I will be extremely satisfied. Cheers!

Find Your Disney Lover


Do you love Disney? Are you ready to find your soulmate? Then look no further than Mouse Mingle, a dating site for Disney enthusiasts. The founder, Dave Tavres was been working on the website since he was inspired to create the site on his visit to Disneyland in 2011.

urlThe standard site offers the usual user profile, but for $12.55 a month users can message other users and participate in chats. What sets the site apart from other dating sites is the questionnaire that new users fill out. The questionnaire asks questions like, “What is your favorite Disney movie?”, “What is your favorite Disney song?” and “How often do you visit Disney parks?”. These are not your standard Plenty of Fish or questions. The questions match users up with fellow Disney fans that they are compatible with. Users could just be looking for a “Park Pal” to visit Disney parks with or a committed relationship with someone who shares their passion for Disney.


Tavres expressed that he, hopes that people literally around the world will find the site useful”. The goal of the site is to connect Disney lovers around the world and to spark a relationship with a little Disney magic.

You can follow updates about Mouse Mingle on their extensive array of social media sites including, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Prince-Naveen-and-Princess-Tiana-disney-couples-10789867-1280-800YouTube, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn, and even Periscope. If you want to find your Disney prince, princess or other magical creature, sign up here to get one step closer to your happily ever after.


Should Stores Open on Thanksgiving For Black Friday Deals?


In recent years, retailers have been opening their doors for Black Friday deals earlier and earlier. Traditionally, Black Friday sales start on Friday, thus the name, but now Thanksgiving is fair game. This year Radio shack opens its doors at 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving! J.C. Penny’s will open at 3 p.m. most likely in hopes to gain a head start to try to make up for their decline in revenue in recent years. Old Navy opens at 4 p.m. and Best Buy and Toys R Us follow at 5 p.m. Other department stores such as Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Sears, Macy’s, and Dick’s Sporting Goods open at 6 p.m. Lastly Kmart follows at 7 p.m. These retailers have sparked a huge debate about whether stores should be allowed to open that early.

But first, how did this shopping holiday begin? There are many theories for the origin of the shopping holiday, but the one that prevails is that it is the first day that can push retailers out of the red and into the black. Meaning if they were not making the sales they need, the shopping frenzy of Black Friday can push them into positive sales. But now, it is not just one day that retailers reap revenue, but two.


Thanksgiving is a national holiday with, albeit questionable roots, but it has been transformed into a holiday for family, food, and traditions. Anyone can participate and it has inspired people to come together and feed the hungry. Even if all of that means nothing to someone, at least Thanksgiving is an almost guaranteed day off. But now, retailers are pushing Black Friday earlier into Thanksgiving day. A lot of people have taken to internet forums to voice their opinions on this matter.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.36.52 PM

According to, the consensus is that 80% of people think that stores should not start Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving. The comments on the forum had arguments stating that no one should have to work on a day most Americans get off. They also claim that Black Friday deals promote materialistic ideals over things that actually matter. There are even points that the Black Friday sales, in general, are a facade. Sales in late August and right before Christmas are actually better than Black Friday sales. But, there is more money invested in advertising to promote Black Friday sales.


The main points supporting stores staying open and providing Black Friday sales are that businesses have the right to open when they would like on Thanksgiving. Also, customers that have Thanksgiving off but have to work Black Friday can still take advantage of the deals. Not to mention, seasonal retail workers are hired specifically to work on holidays and not every employee wants to or can take Thanksgiving off. Most stores pay time and a half or a special holiday rate, which can be a great earning opportunity for employees. There’s also a large portion of people that chose not to celebrate Thanksgiving that would like to take advantage of the deals and just going shopping in general. One individual on the forum suggested that stores could open on Wednesday night and then re-open Thursday night into Friday. This would allow time for employees and dedicated shoppers to spend time with family or giving back to their community.

112212_traditional_Thanksgiving_meal (6 of 14)_display

Regardless, this Thanksgiving stores will be open and shoppers will be waiting at their doors in hopes of snagging the best deals. Whether you want to go shopping on Thanksgiving or you have to work, it’s a day to remember what you are thankful for even if you don’t celebrate the holiday. Be thankful you have a job or someone to share a meal with because there are people that aren’t so lucky. Happy Thanksgiving!